STRATTON — The Dead River Area Historical Society will feature the Nile family on Saturday, Aug. 1. The museum will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the Nile Family Tribute will be from 1:30 to 3 p.m.

Richard Nile, one of Irene’s sons, has completed the Nile family genealogy. He will bring the documentation with him to share.

Nile said, “My grandparents had 14 children. Those born in Dallas, Maine, were Lloyd-1913, Floyd-1914, Richard-1915, Thelma-1916 (died at age 3 because of an accident), Maurice-1918, Hildred-1919 (died at age 11 with brain tumor), Ruth-1920, my mother, Irene-1921, William-1922 (died shortly after birth), Martha-1923 and Isabel-1926. The last three, born in Langtown, Maine, were James-1928, Elizabeth-1929 and Lillian-1931.”

Anyone who knows someone from the family is invited to share their knowledge and photographs. The special days are not presentations, but a gathering of people knowledgeable about the featured subject.

On display in the museum are artifacts, manuscripts and photographs that have been donated or loaned by interested townspeople and descendants of original families of the Dead River Region. Collections from 1850 on include old carpentry and logging tools, china, glass, church organ, furniture from native families, a complete schoolroom, a memorial room to the “lost” towns of Flagstaff and Dead River, the lineage of several native families and a host of memorabilia from native homesteads.

For more information, call Mary Henderson at 246-2271.

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