Union 37

School Begins Aug. 31
RANGELEY BUS, AM RUN — 6:40 AM Leave Town Garage, 6:45 AM Carignan House – Rt. 4, 6:49 AM Quimby Pond Road, 7:00 AM Bald Mountain Road, 7:08 AM South Bog Road, 7:21 AM Mingo Loop Road, 7:24 AM Mingo Loop Golf Course, 7:28 AM Manor Road, 7:40 AM Loon Lake, 7:24 AM, Skylands, 7:45-7:50 AM Arrive at RLRS. PM RUN — Loon Lake, Mingo Loop south to Hotel Road, Rt. 4 – Carignan House, Quimby Pond Road, Mingo Loop North, Bald Mountain Road, South Bog Road, Back to Garage.
SANDY RIVER PLANTATION BUS, AM RUN —  7:05 AM Through Sandy River Plantation, Town Hall Road, Rt. 4, Grandview , 7:45-7:50 AM Arrive at RLRS. PM RUN REVERSE THE AM RUN
DALLAS PLANTATION/RANGELEY BUS ROUTE, AM FIRST TRIP —  6:55 AM Saddleback Lake Road, 7:00 AM Lyle Road, 7:05 AM Harold Ross Road, 7:15 AM Main Street (Franklin Savings Bank), 7:20 AM Cross Street, 7:25 AM Arrive at RLRS.
— 7:30 AM Pond Street, 7:35 AM Rt. 16, 7:40 AM Upper Pleasant Street, Oquossoc Avenue, 7:45 AM Upper Allen Street, 7:45-7:50 AM Arrive at RLRS. PM RUN All stops in one trip.
— 6:45 AM North on South Shore to Bemis, Bemis back to South Shore, South on South Shore to Rt. 4, 7:45-7:50 Arrive at RLRS. PM RUN All stops in one trip.

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