OTISFIELD — A survey of Saturday Pond’s watershed discovered 23 erosion sites, but most can be easily fixed, a presenter told selectmen Wednesday.

“It still isn’t many for a small watershed,” said Kristin Feindel, an environmental specialist with the Department of Environmental Protection. Saturday Pond is 170 acres and has a watershed of 1.3 square miles.

She said most of the sites have some soil moved off-site but erosion isn’t serious. Runoff can carry soil and nutrients into the water. A significant increase in phosphorus levels brought into the water can feed algae growth, which can inhibit wildlife habitat, hinder recreational activities and lower property values.

Ellen Attaliades, president of the Saturday Pond Watershed Association, said the organization decided to partner with the DEP to identify problems, educate the public about water quality, and find out how to address watershed issues. The survey was conducted in April 2008.

Attaliades said no problems were found at Sam’s Landing, which is open to Otisfield residents and taxpayers and has an access point for hand-launched boats.

Feindel said nine erosion sites were found on private roads, six at residential sites, four at driveways, two at construction sites, and one each at a boat access point and town road.  She said road problems include clogged culverts and inadequate pitches which need to be repaired and maintained.

Recommendations for residential and driveway fixes include infiltration ditches to absorb runoff from roofs and vegetative buffers to absorb water before it reaches the pond.

She said the majority of the repairs could be completed for $500 or less.

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