This is a response to “Clouding The Issue” by Mark Tardif. (Aug 15).

Tardif is trying to make this a political issue on
health care reform. I have friends from many different political
parties who are opposed to this 1,000-page government takeover.

the phrase “death panel” is just short for what was in HR 3200 any way.
I will not consult with anyone when my time comes unless I choose too.
I will not have government tell me what to do on anything if I can help

This bill is 1,000 pages of hog wash to hide certain
facts. How about printing a bill that people can read with out
getting a lawyer involved?
Oh I’m sorry. A bunch of lawyers drew up this bill, didn’t they.

people at the town halls are scared their government is trying to
pass a massive bill without letting us look at it from start to finish.
I think  they are hiding something. Why else would they call
their own people every name in the book? Something to hide? I think

Fix one thing at a time. Like how long it
takes before a drug can be generic. That would save us a bunch of money
right there. Make it so health insurance is like car insurance —
national, so there is more competition.

I am sure there is many more ideas out there that can save us some money.

Let’s work together to save for our kids sake.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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