Why is it we go to a restaurant to have a quiet meal and we get canned music to go with our meal that is either a female yelling at the top of her lungs or a man, which gives the same sound as chalk on a blackboard? Why can’t they play just soft music with no vocals? If they are trying to drive us out, they are doing it. This goes the same at department stores.


A major gripe is that people with EBT (Food Stamp) cards can get cash from ATMs, then use the cash to buy alcohol and cigarettes. Why tax me more for tobacco so that they have more money to buy beer?

— anonymous

My pet peeve is about hair!  Those so-called beautiful women on TV wear their long hair down over one eye, so they are constantly pushing it back to see better. The best example was the latest bachelorette! Neither do I believe that cooks on TV should be wearing their hair down over their eyes! Am I too fussy?

PD, Norway

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