I am writing, not to complain or advocate for any causes, of which I have several, but to point out that among the citizens of Lewiston-Auburn there are many good Samaritans who go out of their way to assist others. I know this from personal experience, as I have been left-side paralyzed since a head injury in 1998.

Prior to my injury, I was physically active, skiing approximately 60 days a year, and also was an avid golfer (note I said avid, not talented). Today, I remain active and still ski via the wonderful Maine Handicapped Skiing program. I also ride an adapted 3-wheel recumbent bike, discovered four years ago at a bike fair/demo by Northeast Passage (a UNH program dedicated to making sports programs available to the disabled). I try to ride it every day, though I need assistance getting on and off, which my hero of a wife provides, and occasionally mid-route if the bike’s chain comes off.

Recently, the chain did come off and I rolled backward onto a lawn. A young lady driving by saw my plight and stopped and replaced the chain and pushed me back to the street.

When I attend Auburn City Council meetings, my peers and other staff are always there to help me overcome any obstacles that arise.

My point is that there are many good Samaritans in Lewiston-Auburn, and I give thanks to all who have helped me and others.

It’s happening here.

Bob Mennealy, Auburn

city councilor, at-large

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