NEWRY — Filmmaker Bill Witherspoon and his associate Radim Schriben found Screw Auger Falls on Route 26 a picturesque subject for Witherspoon’s virtual skylight and window business.

As autumn leaves fell into the falls and water plunged into the basin, a microphone captured the sounds of the water and the camera picked up the sights.

Witherspoon said his Sky Factory virtual windows and skylights are an aid to hospitals, waiting rooms and offices. His films give the illusion of viewing nature.

“When people are stressed, the scenes roll on and on to calm their nerves and give them the experience of being at the site. They feel a part of the environment and can meditate on the calming effects of the images,” he said.

Witherspoon plans to stay in Maine for the month, heading to Baxter State Park for the next filming. He and Schriben came to Maine from Oregon where they filmed clouds drifting over 10,000-foot peaks.

Witherspoon said he founded Sky Factory in 2002 and has virtual skylights and windows installed in thousands of buildings worldwide. 

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Filmmaker and Sky Factory Producer Bill Witherspoon talks to his
associate Badim Schriben at Screw Auger Falls on Friday in Newry where they were
filming an hour and a half of the falling water.

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