Government at a glance
Board: Turner Selectmen
Met: Monday, Oct. 5
Board of Director appointments
The issue: Both the newly formed board of directors for the GAR Hall and the community house and the board of directors for the Boofy Quimby Memorial Center building were in need of appointed members.
The scoop: The board considered candidates for the board openings.
Up next: The board appointed Lawrence House and Patricia Libby to the GAR Hall and community house board, and Paul Giroux to the BQMC board.
Storage room repair
The issue: The storage room in the BQMC building is in need of repair due to water damage and the wear and tear from racks of folding chairs. 
The scoop: The board voted to release funds from the BQMC building reserve
account to cover the cost of the repairs in the storage room.
Up next: $1,000 from the fund will be used for the repairs.
BQMC repairs
The issue: The BQMC building is in need of several repairs and various item replacements.
The scoop: The board discussed the building’s condition and suggestions for repair projects, fixture replacement, inventory of tables and chair replacement.
Up next: The board voted to use $800 from the contingency fund to buy replacement chairs.
Land gift
The issue: A parcel of land and a building that abut the town hall and the town-owned boat launch are currently owned by Lynette Rossignol.
The scoop: The board received a letter from Rossignol offering to gift the land from Route 4 to the boat launch and building to the town, with the condition that the town cover the cost of the preparation of the deed.
Up next: The board voted to release funds from the obsolete building reserve to cover the cost.
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