GREENE — Don Van Polen will narrate his film, “Sea to Sea in a Model T,” on Friday, Oct. 9, at the Araxine Wilkins Sawyer Memorial.

Don and Fran Van Polen traveled in “Rosie,” a 1926 Model T,  from the Puget Sound in Washington state to the Eastern most town and lighthouse in America. In the film, they describe the landscapes with interludes of appropriate music and share the story of Henry Ford’s old car.

Their inspiration for doing travelogues came after attending a presentation by Robert Brower called “Spring Captures Holland.” Brower used a system of large-format slides, a technique the Van Polens adopted. Their travels have taken them from the steaming jungles of New Guinea to the ancient streets of Jerusalem.

A highlight of their career came when one of their productions, “Autumn Across America,” was selected as the feature program at the World Convention of the Photographic Society of America held in Seattle. 

Their presentations have been shown in some of the largest churches and auditoriums in North America.

In 2000, they decided it was time for change and switched to the digital, wide-screen video format. Some of their digital productions are “Into the Unknown,” the story of Lewis and Clark; “A Taste of Old Holland,” a pilgrimage to the land of their ancestors; and “Hawaii on the Wide Screen.”

“Sea to Sea in a Model T” will be shown at 2 and 7 p.m. Admission is free. Sawyer Memorial is at 371 Sawyer Road. For more information, call 946-5311. 

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