“The question, of course, is, why were so many women in the city of Lewiston having hysterectomies?” writes Alix Speigel in her story “The Telltale Wombs of Lewiston, Maine.” In her article, Speigel puts Lewiston center stage in an investigation of how doctor decisions in the American health care system lead to unnecessary medical care. Part 1 of a 3 part series on health care in America, Lewiston in the 70s stands as an example of the results the system has on patient care, results that Dartmouth heath-care researcher Jack Wennberg has been studying for over 40 years.

To read the in-depth story online, head to NPR for The Telltale Wombs of Lewiston, Maine by Alix Speigel.

To listen to the story on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” including narratives from Lewiston natives Carol Bradford and Roxanne Tremblay, Lewiston doctors, reporter Speigel, and health-care researcher Wennberg of Dartmouth College visit NPR’s media player.

To view an interactive map with nationwide medical statistics, visit www.npr.org.

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