While watching the advertisements on the upcoming elections, I have to smile when it is asked, “Do you remember.” I remember the last time TABOR was around. The residents of Auburn and Portland should remember it, too.

In Auburn, “Defeat TABOR” was the rallying cry from every government official. They said something to the effect of don’t pass this and we’ll treat you right. Then, in Auburn, homes were re-evaluated — to the government’s benefit. How many citizens were almost taxed out of their property? Portland also had a hefty property tax hike.

This time might be more dangerous, as the state is pulling back from its education obligations — there is just no money left. And just who is going to put up the slack? The property owner.

TABOR will be the taxpayers’ only savior this time. While not perfect, it’s the only friend property owners in this state will have.

I talk from experience, as I sat on the Mechanic Falls Town Council for nine years and have sat on its budget committee ever since.

Ollie Emery, Mechanic Falls

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