WILTON — Tuesday Winter Mixed League bowling results for Sept. 15 at Meadow Lanes Bowling were: mens’s, high game scratch, Kyle Walton 243, Eugene Tardif 227, Larry Melcher Jr. 218; high series scratch, Larry Melcher Jr. 587, Kyle Walton 546, Eugene Tardif 545; high game handicap, Kyle Walton 266, James Smith 263, Paul Smith 259; high series handicap, James Smith 732, Larry Melcher Jr. 698, Eugene Tardif 680.

Women’s, high game scratch, Linda Meunier 185, Tiffany Maiuri 156, Cathy Walton 155; high series scratch, Linda Meunier 461, Tiffany Maiuri 435, Muriel Lisherness 417; high game handicap, Linda Meunier 252, Cathy Walton 231, Tiffany Maiuri 214; high series handicap, Linda Meunier 662, Stephanie Millay 627, Muriel Lisherness 621.

Results for the Wednesday Night Ladies, week of Oct. 7: team standings, Three Blind Mice 31-17; Bowling Belles 30-18
The New Girls 26-22; On-A-Roll 22-26; Froot Loops 18-30; OOPS! 17-31.

High games: Carol Ross 210; Kay Seefeldt 182; Kelly McCrillis 179; Gloria Nile 171; Bev Lewis 165; Lynn Chellis 158. High series: Kay Seefeldt 502; Carol Ross 469; Bev Lewis 456; Lynn Chellis 443; Trisha Davis 436; Jean Corcoran 425; Kelly McCrillis 425.

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