Many parents brought children up to believe that homosexuality was wrong, whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or any other faith, and it was mostly a hush-hush subject, not tolerated by most parents.

My mother’s grandfather read the Bible to her daily. Past generations had morals and faith. It is because of these teachings being passed down generation to generation, that there are so many people against same-sex marriage.

My generation, and that of my children, are much more accepting of the homosexual lifestyle, with compassion for the children in these families.

The majority of people take into consideration that we are different human beings. I care for all people, gay or not, who are good to me and treat me with respect.

Marriage license ideology is being destroyed. Marriage is sacred to most, and carries with it responsibilities for a husband and wife. A marriage license is to acknowledge the life partnership of a man and a woman.

It is disgraceful to disrespect marriage, forever meant to be between a man and a woman, by calling a union between two men or two women a marriage.

Any two women or two men who choose to be together for life should be proud with acknowledgement of a civil union.

My marriage license will not have the same meaning as it did when I married in 1969 if the same-sex marriage law is upheld.

Monika L. Spooner, Stoneham

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