When the state issues a driver’s license, the driver is free to drive wherever he or she desires. The Catholic Church would place restrictions for homosexuals — driving on back roads only.

The state passed a law granting equal rights to all who want a license to marry. Many churches refuse to allow gays/lesbians that right. Why?

I believe it is because, for religious groups, marriage is a sacred contract that signifies the removal of sin from sexual activities for married couples. They are free to engage in sex without being condemned to hell. Civil unions do not remove the stain of sin for gay couples engaging in sexual activity.

Most churches profess to welcome the gay community, but homosexuals must remain celibate.

In Maine, the Diocese of Portland has fired up discontent during this coming election because it wants to deflect the failures, and that five churches are closing their doors for good by the end of 2009. Many Catholics are starting to think for themselves. They can see that if the church does not make certain changes (such as accepting women into the priesthood), they will all perish.

The state allows religious groups the freedom to do their own thing. However, many religious groups are always interfering with the state laws. It would be wise to deprive them of tax-exempt status if they want to play politics.

I encourage others to join me in voting “no” on Question 1 in November. 

Rolande I. Caron, South Paris

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