This is in response to Colby Roy’s letter (Oct. 7), “A biased media.” I am appalled that people think Fox News is biased.

O’Reilly, Hannity and Beck are all neo-conservatives? Is that a joke?

Because capitalism is the only system that has ever flourished in the world and those three like to promote it, that means they are neoconservatives?

If they were neo-conservatives, they would be saying, “Take over Iran, North Korea, China, Russia … and France, too!” But they don’t.

Apparently, Fox News is driven by the same people who destroyed the Constitution, too. Funny, how they get bashed for destroying the Constitution, all the while other people defend Barack Obama and his liberal buddies in Congress who want to take away freedom of religion (no Christian cross on government property), guns (Second Amendment), health care (10th Amendment) and so on and so forth.

I don’t understand how someone can support Ron Paul and support Obama in the same paragraph. Agreeing with two of the farthest part of the right- and left-wing politicians is a little hypocritical.

If Fox News is so biased, why does every one of their prime time shows have at least double the viewers of any other cable news program at the same time? It’s because Fox News has credible facts to support its reporting. And what other news programs have people debating from both sides of the table?

Just check the ratings.

Tommy Child, Auburn

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