Once again, the religious fundamentalists have organized to impose their religious beliefs upon all the citizens of Maine. This time they are calling their assault on our constitutional guarantees a “defense of marriage.”

This brings to mind our friends, John Roberts, son of a dean of the seminary of Princeton University and his spouse the Reverend Kenneth Schmidt, an ordained Episcopal priest, serving his congregation for many years, who performed the marriage ceremony for my oldest son and his wife.

John and Kenneth have been in a committed relationship for 34 years and were married under law five years ago. So I ask of those who propose to “Stand for Marriage Maine” and “defend marriage” please tell us precisely how does John and Kenneth’s marriage assault, diminish, invalidate or otherwise devalue the 44-year marriage between my wife and me.

John & Carol West, Saint Cloud, Fla.

Editor’s Note: The authors are former long-time residents of Lewiston.

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