This is in response to the letter from Colby Roy (Oct. 7) about how Fox News is very biased. I have to agree.

I had been an avid viewer of Fox News until recently, due to the consistently negative tone about everything that President Barack Obama is trying to accomplish.

I feel Fox News should portray a more positive outlook on issues that are reported. It’s a constant stream of how the Democrats are wrong, and that any move Obama makes is wrong.

I guess, according to Fox News, the definition of fair and balanced only applies to the views of the network officials. A year ago, when President George W. Bush was in office, nothing negative about him appeared on Fox News. Is that fair and balanced?

I believe a fair and balanced news show should not be influenced by network officials’ political party, race, religion or agenda.

I will still watch the Fox business network, even though a few innuendos are used from time to time. Stock quotes, gold values, job loss numbers, etc., are facts that are more difficult to twist around, but Fox can still blame Obama for lower stock values or job losses.

Rich Kullson, Lewiston

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