RUMFORD — Rumford Hospital and its physician practices offered a Women’s Breast and Cervical Health Day on Oct. 24. It was an opportunity for eligible women to join the Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program through making an appointment and coming in for free services.

Gynecologist Carolyn Garcia, MD, of Swift River Family Medicine
provided physical exams, including pap smears; the Rumford Hospital
Mammography unit performed free mammograms. The exams are provided
free annually thereafter through the Breast and Cervical Health

One participant this year said, “What a nice atmosphere! It was comfortable; the staff was all female. It was the most comfortable appointment I’ve had in a long time.”

Rumford Hospital and the practices hold the Women’s Health Day every October to benefit the River Valley community and improve its health.

“Anyone who can take advantage of this opportunity should definitely do it,” said one of this year’s participants.

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