Sometimes it starts as an innocent mistake. Sometimes it’s so diabolical that your nearest and dearest would cringe if they ever found out.

Maybe you claimed that bakery-bought lemon meringue was homemade.

Perhaps you never told anyone when the turkey slipped off the cutting board, hit the floor … and the dog licked it.

Or apologized for a gift that must have gotten “lost” in the mail (um, the one you never sent).

Or volunteered to work Christmas day just to avoid your relatives – then blamed it on the company, those heartless jerks.

We want to hear your funny, silly, cringe-worthy holiday confessions for an upcoming feature. No names – your best noms de plume only, please.

Contact staff writer Kathryn Skelton at 689-2844 or [email protected] or drop a line to Sun Journal, Holiday Confessions, P.O. Box 4400, Lewiston, Maine 04243 by Dec. 1.

It’s OK, you can tell us. We won’t tell a soul. Er…

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