I think it is time that men stop using women like some ball on a field to advance their agendas. Iraq, a secular society where women had rights, did not have to cover up, worked, had access to good education, were doctors, lawyers and scientists, kicked things back to the dark ages because of George W. Bush’s war.

There are other examples where women have been used as a excuse to go into a place. Women’s lives will be better, officials say.

Liars. This country’s right-wing conservatives are using women to advance an agenda of repression and hate.

I am angry. Women are not the moral keepers for males. The health care bill needs to include coverage for all the health care needs of women, including abortion. A small vocal minority does not speak for everyone in America, and certainly not every woman.

I would prefer that all my tax money goes to help women obtain safe, legal abortions. The back-alley butchers are still in business, thanks to current policies. I want them out of business, and I want women safe and able to obtain that service from qualified practitioners. It is a service that should be mandated by all insurance policies, either government-run or private.

Diana Lovejoy, Buckfield

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