AUBURN — The 74-year-old Auburn man indicted on federal fraud charges this week is the same man who was attacked at his Northern Avenue home last month.

Ahmed Yusuf Guled was charged along with a Portland woman with abusing state and federal programs in a scheme to pilfer thousands of dollars from the government.

Prosecutors said Guled made false statements to assessors to qualify for services he did not need. The false statements, according to court documents, led to Abdulle Osman, 58, of Portland being assigned to provide unneeded nursing services to Guled.

Both were charged with making false statements on their applications to receive federal benefits. According to court documents, Guled in August 2007 had three bank accounts with a combined $25,000 while he was receiving services from three public programs.

Last month, he was in the news as a victim.

Late on a November night, a group of people went to Guled’s home where they stabbed, punched and kicked him, police said. Guled told investigators and reporters the attack was fueled by a dispute over the purchase of a car.

“I’m very down emotionally and spiritually,” he said during an interview with the Sun Journal. “I feel scared. I’m old. I’m not a person who can defend myself. I feel like the whole world is coming down on me.”

Guled remained free on the federal fraud charge pending future hearings in U.S. District Court.

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