Lewiston will have five new city council members, two past members and the existing mayor at the inauguration, and I suspect citizens will be listening and watching, not necessarily to the glitter of the lights or the music or the speeches or who is wearing a tie and/or a suit coat. I suspect the citizens, employees and the much-needed developers will be watching closely how this council and mayor get along in the upcoming months.

The mayor will have a new group of talented, proactive and energetic councilors, whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and I feel the citizens, employees and developers will be pleased with their work ethic to succeed, and together make our city like it was not so long ago.

Citizens are expecting positive things from the Council, such as embracing development, whether it be stores at Exit 80, passenger trains, a new Maine Turnpike exit on River Road, the Island Point Project, Bates Mill No. 5 site, or Lisbon Street from Pine to Main streets. The development seed needs to be replanted. Knowing the challenges of these economic times, we will have to make sacrifices and be proactive to make this happen.

The new city administrator will be joining us in the coming weeks. I have heard a lot of positive things about him. Hopefully, between him, the mayor and the new Council chairman, compassion and civility can return to city government. Citizens and employees deserve it.

Mark W Paradis, Lewiston

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