LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen voted Monday to approve a six-month joint agreement with the towns of Jay and Wilton to share highway equipment and services.

If it doesn’t work out, the agreement may be dropped and if it does work out, the agreement may be extended.

The other towns’ boards have not voted on the agreement.

Livermore Falls selectmen had previously reviewed the agreement and requested changes.

Those changes were made and Town Manager Jim Chaousis said Maine Municipal Association reviewed it and saw no other changes needed to be made.

The initial idea came about between Jay and Livermore Falls and the different equipment each town has and how work could be done more efficiently and at less cost to taxpayers.

Livermore Falls has a large snowblower to clear snow and Jay has more larger-capacity dump trucks to help with removal of snow but no snowblower, Chaousis said.

The town has had to hire subcontractors in the past to have enough trucks on hand for snow removal, he said.

Highway foreman, Bill Nichols said, in addition, Jay has a grader and Livermore Falls doesn’t.

The agreement allows the towns to use equipment, labor and services from each other.

It also stipulates equipment will always be manned by the providing municipality when an operator is necessary.

In cases that an operator is not included with equipment, the decision must be made by unanimous determination of the three towns’ highway foremen.

Equipment availability will be at the discretion of the providing department.

Each providing department will be responsible for damage to and loss of its own equipment, injuries to its personnel, and liability to third parties caused by negligence of its own personnel on scene.

When equipment is not provided with an operator, the host department will provide liability and physical damage coverage when it has an operator use the equipment.

Resident Val Nichols, a relative of Nichols, asked what part of the town’s budget would pay for gas and labor for the equipment? He also said if major changes are going to be made, it should be made by the people of the town and not the selectmen or town manager.

The foremen will sit down together and determine a rate of use for each piece of equipment and operator and keep track of it, Chaousis said.

Board Chairwoman Louise Chabot said there were no major changes through the agreement, just a way to share services and save money.

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