MEXICO — The Mountain Valley Middle School honor roll for the first trimester includes:

Kristin Arsenault, Corbin Arsenault, Rachel Averill, Brett Beauchesne, Logan Benedix, Nathan Billings, Anthony Boucher, Andrew Boucher, Christopher Bourret, Kevin Cogley, Andrew Cote, Nichole Couch, Zachary Cross, Katelyn Cummings, Stephanie Cuchman, Eric Deanis, Isabella Deluca, Marcello Deluca, Valerie Deroehn, Kayla Drapeau, Alexys Duguay, Alexandria Durland, Nathan Fitzpatrick, Karen Flaherty, John Freeman, Brittany Gaudet.

Also, Caleb Gauvin, Tyler Giambattista, Morgan Gordon, Random Gurney, Michelle Hale, Ellie Hall, Adam Hall, Griffin Hamel, Katlyn Hemingway, Alyssa Hemingway, Megan Henry, Kristin Henry, Samantha Higley, Krysta Hodsdon, Kristen Jackson, Mackenzie Jones, Madeleine Kaubrys, Shannon Laubauskas, Cortney Lavorgna, Clinton Lawton.

A;s, Michael Lloyd, Joshua Maillet, Thomas Marshall, Bradley Marshall, Lindsay Marston, Shelbey McDiffett, Jacob Mcinnis, Mackenzie Mcinnis, Dalton Milledge, Karissa Murphy, Benjamin Newcomb, Angela O’Leary, Austin Oswald, Adelle Oswald, Leah Perry, Sydney Petrie, Tucker Phelps, Kayla Pingree, Abbey Pinkham, Jena Plourde, Kaitlyn Radcliffe, Alexander Ridley.

Also, Tucker Rowland, Ronald Russell, Taylor Smart, Curtis Steele, Brooke Sweetser, Nadia Tag, Danielle Thibodeau, Erin Thibodeau, Nikki Trenoweth, Kelli Trenoweth, Jordyn Turner, Kaitlyn Virgin, Trenton Virgin, Alicia White, Mariah Witas, Conner Woods, Brooke Young.

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