DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am a 90-year-old resident of the Maine Veterans Home in South Paris. I’ve been here more than five years.

When I came, I brought my exercise bike with me. The maintenance men here have kept it going during the time I’ve here, but now they say there is not much more they can do, as it is wearing out.

So I am wondering if there are any bicycle shops or anyone in the South Paris area who may know enough about bicycles to get it back in shape again. It is a Schwinn 105P Exercise Bike. I have some other information; books that may help anyone who can understand them.

The bike has about 15,000 miles on it, so it may not be repairable, but I would like to be sure. The problem is really the resistance, which I can’t seem to regulate.

If there is anyone who thinks they may be able to fix it, they can call me at 743-2470. I’m in room 44. — Jim Denholm, South Paris

ANSWER: Sun Spots spoke with Art at Agape Acres Bike Repair, 71 Sumner Road, Buckfield, 336-7210. Art said that whether your bike could be repaired would probably depend on how the resistance is created. He said with some bikes the resistance is created by something that grips the wheel and that can be tightened or loosened. Those he said can usually be easily adjusted, so that might not be the problem, since your maintenance men are probably able to see to that.

Some bikes, however, have internal systems, and those are much trickier. With your high mileage, the bike might not be repairable, but Art said he would be glad to take a look. He said he wouldn’t charge to just look at it: “He served us; I’ll serve him now.”

If you’re bike isn’t fixable, it shouldn’t be too hard to find you a used one. Perhaps a reader will have a bike they no longer use that will suit you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Meadowview Senior Complex is inviting all adults interested in going on day trips. Saturday March 27, we’re going to Lac Megantic, Canada, for a sugar party, $45 each, includes bus, meal and plenty of shopping in Canada.

Friday May 7, we’re going to Indian Head Resort for a Mother’s Day Special, $63 each, includes bus, cocktail, buffet, music for dancing, show and free photo; there is a gift shop at the resort.

For more information, please contact Bert Dutil at 786-2305 or send check to reserve your space to Bert, at 23 Spofford St., Apt 454, Lewiston, ME 04240. — Bert, Lewiston

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We are planning a class reunion for the Lewiston High School Class of 1945. We are trying for July or August. Anyone interested in attending, please call Norm Demers at 782-6468 or Cecile Burgoyne at 784-5155. Leave a message, and we’ll call you back. Thank you. — Cecile, Auburn

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I work at a public elementary school in Lewiston. The younger children constantly lose their mittens and gloves. I am asking if people have any mitten clips out there that can be put to good use. I used them for my young kids, and we always knew where the mittens were. It would be great to supply the whole class with the mitten clips. Please call 784-9519. Thank you. — Mrs. R., Auburn

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’ve been enjoying my Susan Boyle CD. I would like to have her address. Thanks so much. — Velma Adams, Auburn

ANSWER: You can learn more about Susan at You can send her a letter at Susan Boyle, c/o talkbackthames, 1 Stephen St. London, W1T 1AL. England. Currently, a standard 1 ounce letter to the United Kingdom costs 98 cents to mail.

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