DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do parents realize (according to my children’s school secretary) that the school department policy is that children will go out to recess (15 to 25 minutes, depending on the children’s age/grade) if the temperature is zero or above? Water freezes at 32 degrees. What about the delicate facial skin of our young children exposed to 0 to 15 degrees for 20 or more minutes? We trust our schools to keep our children safe. What are they thinking? Do the school nurses and pediatricians agree with this policy? I know of several children who have gotten spots of frostbite on their faces. — Concerned Parent, Lewiston

ANSWER: Sun Spots spoke with Janice Plourde, the director of curriculum instruction. Janice said that there is not a written policy, rather common sense is the key. Individual principals check with the weather service and assess the conditions, especially wind chill, before sending the kids out.

Keep in mind that the children want to go out. They have been sitting in a classroom and are eager to get up and run around. While it might seem too cold to an adult standing in a parking lot, the children are actively playing; in some instances getting so warm they take their jackets off, leading the teachers to fuss at them to put them back on.

Obviously if a child has medical issues and a doctor has said they shouldn’t go out, they will be kept in. If your child has any medical issues, you should always be sure and let his or her teacher know, in writing, so they can monitor the situation. And be sure and dress your child for a Maine winter with coat, hat, mittens, scarf and warm boots.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: L/A Arts is looking for the donation of two manual typewriters in working order. The typewriters are needed for a playwriting initiative. We are able to collect the machines in the local area. Please call L/A Arts at 782-7228 or e-mail: [email protected] Much thanks. — Cheri Donahue, marketing director

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We are planning a 50th class reunion and are looking for addresses for the following people: Arlene McGinnis, Marvin Gerish, Antionette Metevier, Jacquline Rogers McElmurray. If anyone has information, please contact either Ann Boudreau MCCluskey at 597-3054 or Louise Lemay Horne at 369-9986. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. — Louise Horne


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Two weeks ago your column gave information on where to buy a gadget to cut “pills” off a sweater. Could you please repeat that? Thank you. — No Name, No Town

ANSWER: Sun Spots bought her sweater pill remover from Frankenmuth Woolen Mill Sweater Store, 570 South Main St., Frankenmuth, MI 48734, 989-652-4027, [email protected] You can see the De-Fuzz It at Also, Charlotte wrote in and suggested the following: “ has one in their catalog of sewing and quilting catalog. It is 2½ by 4 inches and is $12.98. Their phone number is 800-772-2891 or They are a reliable company and have most gadgets for sewing and quilting.” There are many other sources as well, including, which has a battery-operated portable model.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am dropping this note to seek out singer Debbie Myers. I saw her at one of the fairs. I wonder if she has a CD. I really enjoyed her performance. I believe she is from Lewiston. Thank you. — Dennis Whitmore, Lewiston

ANSWER: Since her name is so common, Sun Spots cannot be sure she found the right Debbie Myers, but there is a singer by that name with a Web site: Her biography says that she now lives in Maine and Florida but was raised in Moncton, New Brunswick. She sings in New England with the Redneck Rodeo. Her fan club address is Debbie Myers, 25 Nash Drive, Chelsea, ME 04330. She has recorded several CDs. From the Web site it appears that her most recent album is “Someday We’ll Meet Again.” All of her albums and lots of other information are available at her Web site.

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