DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to have the name of the gentleman in Lewiston who repairs clocks. We have one that needs attention.

I have a question about the TV scheduling put in the paper. Would it be possible to have the Saturday and Sunday schedules start from noon, especially in the winter and now that we don’t get the little book anymore?

How about the scheduling for the upcoming Olympics? — R. L., Monmouth

ANSWER: Sun Spots know of two clock repair shops: Rohman Clockworks, 350 Minot Ave., 784-1221, and in Harrison, Harry Hepburn Antique Clock Repair Service, 583-2821.

As for the TV schedule, the Sun Journal stopped routinely distributing it with all papers, since many people no longer used it. If you have cable or satellite television, there is a channel that tells you what is on, while those with computers can go to or other sites to get the schedule.

But the TV guide is still available with your newspaper for $1 a month or $12 a year, which works out to less than 25 cents a copy. If you would like to order it, call circulation at 784- 3555; 800-482-0935.


As for the Olympics, staff in the sports department said that they have run the schedule once already and will run it again. In addition, once the Olympics start, the daily schedule of events will appear. You may have missed it since it is on the agate page in the sports section. That is usually the last page of sports, where all the scores appear in small type. Get out your glasses!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to dispose of the liquid in my reed diffuser in an environmentally responsible manner. What should I do? — Wanda Sprague, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots spoke with Butch Bowie, an environmental specialist at the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. He said that the oil is not hazardous, but that you should still not put it down the drain. He said that the manufacturer recommends that you sop up the old oil with paper towels and put them in the trash. If you have too much to do it that way, Butch said to take the oil to your transfer station, where they can dispose of it with used motor oil.

The Glade Web site also said consumers could dispose of reed diffusers in household trash, which seems to imply they are quite safe, but on the same page there were several warnings about keeping reed diffusers away from pets and children. It also says to avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. So be careful while you are cleaning up the oil.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Why are Olay product rebates not valid in Maine? — Carol, No Town

ANSWER: Sun Spots hoped to get you a more specific answer, but her calls to the Maine Attorney General’s office were not returned. She can tell you that each state has its own laws for consumer protection. For rebates, these regulations govern things such as whether or not proofs of purchase can be required and what other stipulations can be placed on purchases. Apparently, Oil of Olay’s rebates do not meet Maine standards.

In general, some states are more inclined toward consumer protections than others. From what Sun Spots has seen, Maine seems to be very good about protecting residents’ rights. So even though not being able to apply for a rebate is inconvenient, it is nice to know that overall the state is looking out for the “little guy.”

There are downsides to having individual state laws. Ever wonder why your credit card bills go to Sioux City, N.D., or Wilmington, Del.? North Dakota and Delaware are two states that changed their laws to allow banks to charge higher interest rates, thereby luring financial institutions, along with their jobs and taxes, to their states. The new federal credit card law that is due to go into effect this month will offer some additional protections for consumers, but buyers should still beware when signing up for any financial offer.

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