DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for being so informative on a variety of different subjects. I understand that there is a new law that requires all landlords to install carbon monoxide alarms in each one of their units. I want to make sure my landlord is made aware of this. How are they notified? Could you confirm that the alarms are required. Thank you for giving this your utmost attention. — No Name, Lewiston

ANSWER: You are correct. The new law requiring carbon monoxide detectors and updating the rules on smoke detectors went into effect Oct. 31. According to a posting on, they are required in each area giving access to a bedroom. The detectors in multifamily dwellings and newly constructed single-family dwellings must be powered by both the electrical service in the building and by battery. Tenants are responsible for making sure that the batteries are charged and for notifying the landlord of any problems with carbon monoxide or smoke detectors.

Sun Spots did not find any indication that landlords were notified (other than the new rules being well-publicized in the media), but that does not abate their responsibility. As the old saw goes, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

DEAR SUN SPOTS: When will there be a cat show in the Lewiston-Auburn area this year? When and where is the Maine Gem and Mineral Show being held? —- B. L., No Town

ANSWER: The Nauticats show will be March 27 at the Augusta State Armory at 179 Western Ave. The public can attend from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This appears to be the same show that was at the Lewiston Armory last April. The Web site,, is rather confusing, with information from both the past two years’ shows as well as this year’s, but it does offer an e-mail address, [email protected], and phone numbers, 871-5963 or 756-2287, for more information. (Sun Spots is very glad you asked about this show. She may take her kitten, Harold, for the household pet contest. He is the most beauteous cat she’s ever had.)

As for the mineral and gem show, it is April 17 and 18 at the Sullivan Gymnasium, University of Southern Maine. For more information, visit Sun Spots did not see a phone number on the site.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I usually watch the “Early Show” on Channel 13, but I must have slept through the explanation of what they did with Russ Mitchell and replaced him with a very pregnant Erica Hill. Please find out where he went for me. Thank you for all your help. — Curious, Rumford

ANSWER: According to, Mitchell left the “Early Show” after 10 years to become the national correspondent for CBS. The posting said he would continue to host the Sunday edition of “Evening News.”

DEAR SUN SPOTS: If there is anyone in the Farmington area who does coin collecting as a hobby, please call me at 778-4812, as I have a few questions to be answered.

Also, I am looking for addresses for Iris Pillsbury and Mary Lou Oakes, who graduated from Farmington High School in 1960. Please call with any information or leads. Thank you for any help you can give. — No Name, No Town

ANSWER: Have you tried going online and searching for information about coins? There are several sites, including,,,, and Collectors of many different items often now work almost entirely online, selling through eBay and specialty Web sites.

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