The Jesus Party kids were treated to a visit from Roger Labrecque, who volunteered as a cook in an outreach program put on by the United Methodist Church. The ministry invited Labrecque to share his inspirational story of how sometimes good can come out of something bad. Labrecque was the focus of a recent story, about how the meal that was meant for his honor was stolen and how the community pitched in to save the day. The youth ministry was moved by his visit with the children and decided to make a $50 donation to the food program at the church in Labrecque’s honor. Anyone wishing to share an inspirational story with the children should call 786-5568 or e-mail [email protected]

Pictured here is J.P. kids Lucas Morales, Allana Martin; along with guest, Mr. Roger Labrecque; and J.P. Vice President, Jack Harlow.

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