DEAR SUN SPOTS: Earlier this month, Rita Dube, the executive director of the Franco-American Heritage Center, wrote to your column asking any St. Mary’s parochial school students who were interested in having a school reunion this summer to call the FAHC. A large response came in, mostly from the La Recontre meeting for students from 1942-1960. Now we are searching for students from 1960 on. Please respond to Rena Voisine Barnett at 782-1512 as soon as possible Thank you all for your quick response. — Rena Barnett

DEAR SUN SPOTS, I am currently in the planning phase of a high school reunion. Would anyone from Winthrop High School class of 1972 please e-mail me at [email protected] or call 485-4600! I’m looking forward to sharing all the memories. — Oral Tibbetts

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I understand that the movie listing every day of the week can get expensive, but can’t it be run in the paper one day, like a Friday? Not everyone has the Internet available, and the automated listing on the phone is enough to make a person screech. I just want to know what’s playing and when. Is that so much? — Anita Chandler, Monmouth

ANSWER: You have Sun Spots’ sympathy, but you are complaining to the wrong person. The movie listings are an ad placed by the movie theater owners. They decide what to include, not the Sun Journal. You need to complain to the movie theater owner/manager. If enough people fuss, they may get the message.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Attached is a copy of LD 197 submitted by Sen. Bill Diamond. I think Sun Spots misled the readers in the Feb. 11 column. To my knowledge the Maine Fire Chiefs Association does not enact laws. I suggest this information is corrected as fast as possible to prevent tenants and landlords clashing on the matter. — No Name, No Town

ANSWER: Sun Spots did not say that the fire chiefs were responsible for the legislation. She simply went to their Web site for details on the new law. While the actual legislation is available online at, wading through all the legal language is a real chore. Since this particular law was of interest to firefighting professionals, they had a thorough, but clean and simple, explanation of what is required of landlord and tenants online. That information is accurate, and there is nothing for the landlords or tenants to fight about. Fire safety behooves them both. Sun Spots never wants to confuse anyone, however, and she will be more careful of her wording in the future.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: In your response to Rachel on Feb. 13, you should have emphasized “whole wheat” for a health-conscious diet. White flour is made out of wheat, too, so simply saying wheat is hardly more than a sales gimmick. More stores are now offering whole wheat products, but more people need to realize that there is a difference in order to make certain the stores keep on offering a variety of whole wheat bread products. — Steve Hicks, McDonough, Ga.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We found a cell phone on Saturday, Feb. 6, in the McDonald’s parking lot in Lewiston. If the person who lost it wants to e-mail me, I will gladly make arrangements for it to be picked up. — [email protected]

ANSWER: Just in case the owner doesn’t happen to read Sun Spots (which we all know is highly unlikely!), you might want to call the provider and notify them that you found the phone so that they can let the owner know. The name of the wireless company might be on the phone itself, or if the battery still works, you can power it up and dial 611. That should take you to the provider, if the phone is local.

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