Bag Lady has temporarily lost the will to shop.

I link that directly to the current quest: collecting bids to remodel a room in the Bag house, which is also related to the fainting spells and which will, eventually, be the cause of simmering taste-questioning tension as Mr. Bag Lady and I strain to agree on paint color and decor.

I’m rooting for a pirate theme. For real. He is pirate-ambivalent, in the abstract. Once I hang netting, a dead macaw and an 8-foot-square Jolly Roger … that may change.

Either way, this guarantees to be a spring to remember.


From the aisle of thinking ahead

Bag Lady wrote about scarf shopping for Good-Buy Girl’s birthday a few weeks ago, gifts that went over exceedingly well but were not a surprise. Um, because she’d read about them first in the column. I failed to consider those odds.

Woody Harrelson, in case you’re reading this

You were amazing in “Zombieland.” Bag Lady happens to believe zombies are the new black. They go with everything.

Whiz, zap! Whiz, zap!

There is nothing sweeter on Earth than peeing in your neighbor’s yard.

Just ask the Dobermans.

While our neighbors have, thus far, taken the gold medal in Not Pitching A Fit, that kind of decency can’t last for long and we’re contemplating an underground dog fence. Or an above-ground dog fence. Or a mysterious substance that will keep them, despite our presence and repeated insistence (“Back here! Now! Yes! I mean you!”) in our yard. Anyone had any luck with the same problem, outside of hooking on a pair of leashes? Send them my way, please. Local shopping options would be a plus.

Away Wii go

More than a year ago I wrote a love letter to my new Wii Fit and I have to say, to anyone contemplating the upgrade to Wii Fit Plus ($20) — totally worth it. There’s juggling, marching, cycling, even Segwaying — all virtual, of course. An additional feature, for the old and new games: a running calorie counter. Really revived my interest in the living room workout, even though, no matter the game, I only seem to burn 12 calories every &^!%$ time. Not that I’m bitter.

Mmm. Tastes like a high yield.

Two Maine ads on cable right now continue to hold my attention. One is for — I think — Norway Savings Bank. Bag Lady can’t keep her eyes off the Haven’s Candies in the commercial long enough to suss that out. It shows multi-colored sprinkles, ripples of mouth-watering chocolate, mounds of … no, no, I can’t go on. It’s like 100 calories per viewing, and nearly worth it, if not for the 30 minutes I’d have to spend on my Wii.

The second ad is sort of a head-scratcher. Four or five men, standing in front of a restaurant in cowboy hats. It starts out as a BBQ joint commercial … and becomes a Fairfield church commercial, with no link between the two. Seriously, none. I mean, to the naked eye. Maybe I just don’t know my barbecue.

Happy Birthday to us

Bliss blew past its fourth anniversary earlier this month (the dark chocolate truffle anniversary, for anyone celebrating). Hard to believe we’ve lasted that long. We’ve had fun this winter hitting stores we wouldn’t normally hit and exploring the region. Now, we’d love to hear from you:

Where do we shop next?

Your suggestions matter. Your reading does, too. Thanks.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who vote yes on pirate and no on fences of any sort) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

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