LEWISTON — A plan to widen a 1.2-mile stretch of Lincoln Street along the Androscoggin River will get public review on Thursday.

Plans call for widening the road from Locust Street to South Avenue to two 20-foot-wide traffic lanes and two 5-feet wide bicycle lanes.

The city is hosting a public review at 7 p.m. Thursday in the City Council chambers.

“It’s been part of our master plan for a couple of years, so we’ve known this was coming,” said City Engineer Rick Burnham. “It needs to be done for safety, because of the traffic on that road. But we’re also trying to relieve some of the traffic off of Lisbon Street.”

It’s a Maine Department of Transportation project, designed and managed by the city of Lewiston and it’s budgeted to cost roughly $2 million. Burnham said 75 percent of those costs are coming from federal highway funds and 20 percent is being paid by the city. The state Department of Transportation is paying the rest.

Work is scheduled to begin in July, but Burnham said that could change. Plans call for a new gravel road base, better drainage and new pavement and curbing. The project does not include building pedestrian paths, Burnham said, but will be wide enough for bicycle traffic.

This will be the city’s first public hearing on the project.

“Right now, we’ve just been out doing the survey work and getting that all out of the way,” he said. “The whole reason for this meeting is to get public input and make the project as balanced as it can be.”

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