I am a resident of Lexington, an unincorporated township that adjoins Highland Plantation — a mountainous area targeted by “big wind.”

Some months ago, we were approached by a neighbor friend and asked what we thought about the proposed 48-turbine wind farm slated for the mountain ridges of Highland and beyond.

We said we supposed “green energy” was a great idea. After all, former Gov. Angus King and the current governor, John Baldacci, were in favor of it and pushing to go ahead. What could be wrong? Our neighbor did not agree.

Because of this conversation, our interest was piqued and we began studying everything we could about wind power and immediately became very alarmed by what we learned. Soon, a new organization formed locally called “Friends of the Highland Mountains.” We decided to attend a meeting.

Since then, we have attended Sunday meetings, written articles, made copies of DVDs, donated money, acquired signatures on petitions, etc. FHM members are very concerned about the fate of our beloved mountains. We spend hours brainstorming about the best way to educate the public about this issue, which will eventually spread all over the state anywhere the wind blows strongly enough to turn a turbine’s blades. That stimulus money is sucking us in! Don’t be fooled, be educated.

A petition to Highland Wind LLC to deny the permit is available at: highlandmts.org.

Linda Miller, Lexington Township