AUBURN — A record number of 86 Central Maine Community College students were inducted last month into Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society for two-year colleges. To be invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, students must be pursuing an associate degree and have a grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

The local chapter at CMCC is known as Alpha Phi Xi.

The following students were inducted: Maksud Ahmed, Juanita Ames, Cody Anderson, Olivia Atherton, Audrey Bailey, Jamie Bannister, Craig Bender, Rachel Benson, Gail Bennett, Kristen Blais, Dawn Bolduc, Meridith Bonney, Rhonda Briggs, Joshua Brown, Tammy Bureau, Suzanne Cohen, Anita Cormier, Kayleigh Corriveau, Theresa-Anne Craig, Kendra Cyr, Ethan Davidson, Doreen Dignan, Andrew DiCentes, Edith Dostie.

Also, Thomas Doxsee, Alexander Ellingwood, Guled Elmi, Hannah Farrington, Christina Ford, Susan Fortier, Jennifer Foss, Benjamin Fuller, Shauna Fusco, Christopher Gauvin, Eugene Gilbert, Megan Gill, Jennifer Grant, Ryan Gray, Brandon Hall, Doris Hemond, Allicea Howard, Bryan Kaufman, Brian Kearns, William Knowlton, Hillary Lacombe, Celine Lagasse, Janie Landry, Gregory Langley, Karen Latlippe, Shawn Lemlin.

Also, Patricia Levesque, Crissy LeClair, Sara Lyngholm, Tori MacDonald, Ashlee Madore, Michelle McGrath, Travis Melcher, Bruce Melendy, Eric Michaud, Timothy Mitchell, Jennifer Morin, Sahal Noor, Christopher Pare, Ryan Paul, Jenna Pope, Shayna Powell, Deborah Prescott, John Rackliff, Caleb Rea, Joshua Richardson, Donna Robbins, David Rogers, Gemma Rogers, Cari Simpson, Kevin Simpson, Sherryann St. Pierre, Edward Sweda, Richard Theriault, Terra Thomas, Michele Tibbetts, Alexander Titcomb, Mark White, Laurie Whitmore, Andrew Young, Jessica Young, Sharon Young.

Dean of Planning and Public Affairs Roger Philippon was inducted as an honorary member in recognition of his support in assisting Dean Randall Lee as a sponsor for Alpha Phi Xi.