LEWISTON — Dennis Chamberlain of Lewiston retired at the end of his shift on Feb. 21 after a 25-year career with the Lewiston Fire Department.

He began his career in May 1985. Most of his tenure was spent at Central Fire Station on Engine 7 and Ladder 1, the Main Street Fire Station on Engine 5 and, most recently, at Sabattus Road Fire Station on Engine 4.

One of the greatest rewards Chamberlain has received from serving the public is being there in their time of need, whether it be at a fire, a traffic accident or just speaking with schoolchildren about fire safety and giving them a tour of the truck, according to a statement from the department. The statement said Chamberlain will miss the camaraderie of his fellow professional firefighters, both past and present, and knows that the city of Lewiston is still in good hands.

Chamberlain plans to continue working as a school bus driver, do some golfing and hopes to travel more. He has three children, John, Beth and Cory, and resides in Lewiston with his wife, Diane.