This is in response to the editorial of March 16 about the deer yards.

Who are the stewards of our inland fisheries and wildlife? Apparently not the governor, Roland Martin, Paul Jacques or the Department of Conservation.

The land swap that the state owned contained a very large whitetail deer yard. The trade with Gardner Land Co. was with the firm understanding that the deer yard was not to be cut. A biologist for the department reported the cutting of the deer yard to department authorities, but nothing was done.

We are in a very serious dilemma now for the whitetail deer in Maine, not just in the Northeast and East.

What is the department doing about predation by coyote and bears? Not a thing.

The bucks-only law has been in effect since 1980. The deer herd can bounce back from cold winters and deep snows, but not with uncontrolled coyote and bears.

Lack of license sales shows the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife does not know how to manage our fisheries and wildlife. If fishermen, hunters and trappers were in charge of the IFW, there definitely would not be such a problem.

Right now, and for far too long, the attitude is that nature will balance out itself.

Jean Arsenault, Mexico