PARIS — Three men were sentenced to prison and ordered to pay a total of almost $100,000 in restitution Thursday after admitting to taking part in a destructive crime spree targeting camps.

Shawn A. Arsenault, KC Moro and Matthew Moscillo entered pleas in Oxford County Superior Court before Justice Robert Clifford. The three were indicted in December 2008 on a total of 206 counts among them.

Assistant District Attorney Richard Beauchesne said the trio was charged with breaking into 20 or more camps in Byron, Canton, Peru, Sumner and Woodstock and stealing items in June and July 2008. The structures were seriously damaged by vandalism, and one building belonging to a Rhode Island couple was burned to the ground.

Arsenault, 21, of 31 Sicotte Road in Peru, was charged with 93 counts related to the camp burglaries and four related to a burglary in Rumford. He pleaded guilty to five counts of armed burglary, 20 counts of burglary and seven counts of theft.

Moro, 22, of 62 Rollins Ridge Road in Dixfield, was originally charged with 81 crimes. He pleaded guilty to one count of arson, four counts of armed burglary, 18 counts of burglary and six counts of theft.

Moscillo, 22, of 4 Golden Ridge Road in Canton, was originally charged with 28 crimes. He pleaded no contest to five counts of armed burglary, seven counts of burglary, eight counts of theft, five counts of criminal mischief and two counts of aggravated criminal mischief.

Arsenault was sentenced to serve three years of a 12-year prison sentence and four years of probation on the armed burglary charges. He was given a consecutive sentence on the other charges of four years of probation with a fully suspended three-year prison sentence. Arsenault also must pay $38,693 in restitution to the camp owners or their insurance companies.

Moro and Moscillo each was sentenced to serve 30 months of a 12-year sentence and four years of probation, with a consecutive sentence of four years of probation and a fully suspended three-year prison term. Moro must pay $38,504 in restitution and Moscillo, $21,931. Moscillo was also given a concurrent six-month sentence on his misdemeanor crimes.

Several camp owners attended the hearing. They told Justice Clifford that the burglaries and vandalism had destroyed their sense of security and items of sentimental value. Diane Hills, a camp owner in Byron, said tools that had been passed down from her deceased grandfather and father had been stolen and that residents in the area were still fearful.

“I submit to you that this was an act of domestic terrorism,” Hills said.

Mark Thompson, another Byron camp owner, said there was “complete destruction” at the site and that his wife would not stay at the camp alone for fear of another incident. He said his gun cabinet was broken into, lights were smashed and tackle boxes were dumped on the bed.

“It’s time to change your lives,” he told the defendants. “Step up and get on with it.”

Nicholas Haskell, 23, formerly of 103 High St. in Peru, was originally charged with 12 counts in the burglaries. He pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary and two counts of theft in September and was sentenced to serve three months in jail with four years of probation. He was also ordered to pay $14,600 in restitution.

Jessica Gill, 21, of Ada Avenue in Peru, was scheduled to plead to charges on Thursday, but her case was postponed. Gill is charged with 93 crimes related to the burglaries.

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