AUBURN — Auburn Adult Education has announced course offerings for April. To register, call 333-6661, mail in a registration with a check or go to with a credit card.

Certified Nurse’s Assistant classes start about every 10 weeks.

Beginning Golf will begin on Thursday, April 29. Participants will learn the fundamentals of golf before stepping onto the course.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007,  Tuesday, April 27. Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet system for Windows, lets users manage, format, chart and analyze data. Participants must be fully proficient using Windows before taking the class.

Web Site Design and Management, Part II, Wednesday, April 7. Students will get a quick refresher of HTML and XHTML and then focus on CSS, the presentation language of the Web.

Babysitter Training, Tuesday, April 6. The class is for those ages 11 to 15. Students will learn how to prevent accidents, what to do in an emergency and how important they can be in the life of a child. Course includes CPR training and certification.

Chakras and Crystals, Tuesday, April 27. Students will spend an evening learning about the chakra system (the energy centers in the body), and will learn about the powerful healing ability of crystals. Participants will work directly with the crystals and learn how to use them to promote balance and well-being.

Detox for Spring, Tuesday, April 27. Participants will prepare for the transition into spring by learning different detoxing techniques including the importance of far infrared saunas, ion foot detoxes and colon cleansing. The role of foods and herbs will be discussed and students will learn the Four-Step Cleanse, which is designed to cleanse all the major systems in the body.

Dog Obedience/Beginners, Wednesday, April 28. Basic obedience for dogs will concentrate on commands of heel, sit, stay, down, come, come at a distance and finish. Participants will learn how to control their pets, as well as how to care for their pets. Dogs must be over 6 months old. Call for more details.

Digital Photo Uses, Tuesday, April 27. Participants will learn how to e-mail photos, create digital photo albums, create slide shows, share online with other family members and will learn how to use their digital camera to get the best possible photos.

Exploring Past Lives, Monday, April 26. Knowledge of other lifetimes can bring clarity and insight to a present life, helping to remove blocks, discover unknown talents, cultivate new attitudes and create a greater sense of well being. Using guided meditations and specific Hemi-Sync frequencies, participants will take a journey to remember other significant incarnations.

Feng Shui and Health, Wednesday, April 7. Participants will learn new perspectives and basic principles for good health including nutrition, environmental influences and the effects of the energy in a home or office. Ways to improve sleep particularly and to boost one’s overall energy in general will be discussed.

Introduction To Hemi-Sync and Expanded State of Awareness, Monday, April 5. Hemi-Sync is a scientifically based and clinically proven audio-guidance technology that uses sound to influence brain wave activity. Participants will be guided into an expanded state of awareness, which facilitates profound relaxation, deep contemplation, increased intuition and communication with the higher self and related energies.

Iridology, Thursday, April 8. The study of the iris may give a person a better understanding of their physical and emotional strengths and inherent weaknesses. Participants will learn about the basic constitutional types, aging pathways and ideas to stay healthy for each type.

Living Foods – Dinner and Desserts, Wednesday, April 14. The class will cover the basics of the Living Foods Lifestyle as developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore and will expand to include the super foods that are cultured. The class will focus on dinner and desserts.

Social Networking 101, Thursday, April 29. Participants will learn about Twitter, My Space, Facebook, blogs and how to set up an extra e-mail account.

Make It Your Own – Beaded Jewelry, Thursday, April 15. Participants will join Bead Retreat to create beaded jewelry. All tools and bead boards will be provided. The project will be a three-wrap adult memory wire bracelet.

Pet First Aid, Wednesday, April 7. The course will use video-based instruction and hands-on activities to teach the basics of first aid and emergency care to cats and dogs. Topics will include controlling bleeding, splinting muscle, bone or joint injuries and helping a choking pet.

Pottery – Come Create With Your Child, Tuesday, April 27. The adult and child class is for ages 8 and up. Participants will create finished clay pieces experimenting with basic hand building techniques as well as throwing pottery on the wheel. Each child must be accompanied by an adult.

Self-Healing, Tuesday, April 13. Topics will include grounding and channeling energy, holding space, touch healing techniques, the subtle body, working with guides and angels and clearing negativity.

Stress Buster, Monday, April 12. Participants will recharge their immune systems and learn to increase their longevity through two verbally guided exercises. A Yoga Nidra (yoga for the mind) exercise will help stop mind chatter and a verbally guided exercise with Hemi-Sync frequencies will relieve anxiety.

The Stock Market, Thursday, April 8. The course will focus on the development of a stock market investment plan in order to achieve more consistent and more satisfactory rates of return. Areas of concentration will be money management theory, the stock selection process, research and analysis techniques, trading methodology and the effects of market psychology.

True Health Through Balancing Your pH, Wednesday, April 28. Participants will learn why a balanced pH is the foundation for a healthy cellular terrain and how to achieve that balance.

Call Auburn Adult Education at 333-6661 for additional information about each class.