DURHAM — Voters at the annual town meeting Saturday will consider a total of 46 warrant articles dealing with the municipal budget.

Because the town is now part of RSU 5, Durham, Freeport and Pownal, the school budget will be adopted at a validation referendum on June 8. That budget is expected to be adopted by the RSU board of directors on May 12, after which it will be aired at the annual school budget hearing on May 26, followed by the referendum in the three towns in June.

As for Saturday’s town meeting on the municipal budget, for the most part the Budget Committee is recommending passage of the town budget as proposed by the selectmen with few exceptions as follows.

Selectmen proposed spending $2,455,811 and the Budget Committee $2,440,439, a difference of $15,373.

The Budget Committee recommends spending less for offices salaries, $184,719, instead of $187,051; Eureka Community Center $3,650 instead of $4,450; recreation $1,689 instead of $3,929; and Union Church Restoration $0 instead of $10,000. Budget Committee member Allan Purinton said that his panel would like to see a plan before authorizing the expenditure.

Because the town and school budgets are adopted separately, officials have no way of predicting the impact on the tax rate at this time.