100 years ago, 1910

In making the turn from Court to Main street while responding to a fire in New Auburn Sunday forenoon, Auburn Hose No. 1, slewed, striking the car track with such force that the driver and other firemen on the cart were hurled into the street. The truck righted itself and the horses ran on. As it passed Miller’s stable, Louis Nichols and J. B. Swett jumped aboard and drove the horses safely to the fire.

50 years ago, 1960

The president of the Androscoggin Valley Mental Health Association, Edward M. Robinson of Lewiston, will be the featured speaker Thursday, Jan. 14, at a meeting of the Poland PTA. His topic will be “Mental Health Problems and Facilities in Androscoggin County.”

25 years ago, 1985

Concerned over repeated problems with drinking parties and bonfires at Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary, members of the Stanton Bird Club, which owns the sanctuary, will meet next week with Lewiston and state officials. 

“It seems to be out of control.” Stanton Bird Club president Nancy Holler said Tuesday.

“There is a great problem with kids having keg parties.” Mrs. Holler said. Although vehicles are officially banned from the sanctuary, as many as 50 cars have been counted parked along the entrance road.

The sanctuary includes dirt roads and trails originally intended for horseback riding, as well as some man-made ponds and a large stone fireplace and stone benches.

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