The taxpayers of Poland could be a lot more frugal than the town fathers are suggesting.

One way to decrease the amount of money spent could be to decrease the number of hours the library is open. That idea may get the library back to being self-supporting, as has been mentioned as the goal of the selectmen. The Budget Committee is suggesting $59,500. The selectmen are suggesting $52,000. If we cut it back for a year, we could save some money. We all know that the library is not a necessity for life in the town of Poland, as fire, rescue and highway are.

Other cuts could come from the transfer station. We don’t need all the personnel or for it to be open as many hours. Cutting that could save the taxpayers a good amount of money. By dropping the hours down to 32 a week, think of the money the town could save.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be life-altering if people had to plan a little about what day to take their trash to the transfer station.

The people of Poland should think about the town meeting as a business meeting. They should invest their money in something that is necessary. It isn’t necessary to have a library and a transfer station open 40 hours a week. We can’t afford it. All these people do a great job. This is not personal. We just can’t afford those expenses.

Greg Herrick, Poland