FARMINGTON — Franklin County commissioners will begin their 2010-11 budget review Tuesday, going over the social, educational and business agency requests. They’ll review the meatier requests from departments for county operations Wednesday.

Budget review will begin at noon April 6 in the commissioners’ office. It will continue at at 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 7, at the commission office.

After the commissioners’ review, the Budget Committee will take a look at requests and the commissioners’ proposal.

The budget includes a proposal for a new position, a financial director in the treasurer’s budget, with a proposed annual salary of $33,215 in the treasurer’s budget. That is based on 35 hours per week .

The new position, if approved, would reduce the hours and wages for an elected treasurer and a hired deputy treasurer.

Commissioners previously voiced concern about a treasurer being elected who does not have the knowledge to do everything needed for the county.

Longtime Treasurer Karen Robinson of Wilton plans to retire Dec. 31. The budget includes $8,000 for Robinson to finish out the year and $4,000 for the new treasurer for six months. The budget also includes a $1,500 a year stipend for the deputy treasurer, which is down from the $13,814 budgeted this year.

Other requests in the budget include more wages in several departments and a part-time legal secretary position in the District Attorney’s Office.

The budget showing the largest requested increase is the Sheriff’s Department. The department is requesting $1.4 million compared to the current final approved $1.35 million budget. That is a $68,695 increase.

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