LISBON — Seniors at Lisbon High School had an opportunity to meet with Betsy Libby, associate dean of student services at Central Maine Community College in Auburn.

Libby spent March 3 and 4 at the school making presentations during senior English classes on the art of public speaking. Seminars were scheduled to assist students with their Senior Exhibition Projects. She offered tips on preparation, visual aids and related techniques for the student presentations, which were held before a panel of judges at the high school.

Senior Exhibition Projects are a graduation requirement at the school. Students select a topic, embark on their research journey, spend 15 hours with a mentor, document work and write a thesis paper making the connection with their project to a real life experience. Students are required to prepare a notebook and ultimately create a visual project for presentation to a panel of judges.

“Senior Exhibition Projects represent a learning stretch for students going beyond their current level of expertise,” said school librarian Judith Lashman. Students are scored on content, organization, speaking skills, visual enhancements and their ability to answer questions about the topic.