The city bus system should be viewed as public infrastructure, critical for the day-to-day activities of our community — the same as road repair. The communities pay millions of dollars for paving, plowing and maintaining roads.

I fully support the recent efforts to improve Lewiston-Auburn’s bus system, and believe it is well worth the additional $92,000 for each city to spend to create more convenient operation times in the morning and evening, Saturday service, and routes that connect where people live, with where they buy food, work, and where they attend school.

Compared to other major cities in Maine, the proposed increase in spending would be quite low.

Think about how much money is spent just to build and maintain roads in the less-populated  neighborhoods. Many of us will never drive on those roads, they may serve between five and 30 households, but we all subsidize the infrastructure that is critical to their transportation. In Lewiston-Auburn, there are more than 3,000 households that don’t even own cars.

The proposal for “Option C” represents a very small investment for some very needed changes that will make our transportation system more convenient and accessible for everyone.

Ryan Conrad, Lewiston