The state automobile inspection is just another way to rip off the poorest people. You can go to five different inspection stations and get five different opinions on how your car will or will not pass inspection.

Estimates for work, if done, cost $40 or more per hour for labor, plus parts. That could really cause hardships to anyone making minimum wage or even more. Those people are the ones who cannot afford the extra expenses, which may or may not really be needed, depending on the inspection station.

How does the Legislature allow that to happen to residents when only 18 states in the nation require annual inspections?

Are state inspections really feasible when so many residents are having a difficult time financially?

The biggest scam for inspection stickers is the so-called cheap oil change with bonus 40-point inspection. That 40-point inspection has everything to do with the official state inspection and everyone knows that. It is as if the state is tied to big business.

No business should be allowed to do anything but change the oil or conduct an inspection unless express permission is given.

Maybe our elected officials should keep doing the same old thing (cancer from cell phone use — how much did that cost the taxpayers to debate that?), or maybe they should think about the poorer people of the state and make life easier for them.

Roger Turcotte, Monmouth