By Hundreds of Heads

 Moving? Here’s some advice on saying goodbye to friends and family from the book “How to Survive a Move” (Hundreds of Heads Books,, $13.95), straight from people who’ve done it:

“When my parents moved from my childhood home, it helped me to take photos of each room before and after. My family also spent time talking about memories and reminiscing about all the years we had there. It’s very bittersweet to move – you know in your heart that change is a good thing and that new doors open when old ones close – but it’s still hard to let go.”

–Stacy Silver, Toronto

“Before you leave a place, go do all those famous tourist things you never did because you ‘had all the time in the world.’ If you’re from New York City, everybody will ask you about the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, etc., and you’ll want to have some sort of answer or description. Don’t be so jaded that you miss out on those famous sites.”

–Jerry B., New York

“Phone calls and letters work great when you’re trying to keep in touch with old friends, but you have to go beyond that. Every year, my friends and I pick a destination halfway between where we’re living, and meet up for a girls only ‘spring break.’ This trip is a great bonding experience and tons of fun, but, most importantly, it reinforces the message that we’re important to each other because we’ve made it a priority to take time off from work and buy a plane ticket. Your friends become your family as you get older. You have to treat them special and nurture those relationships.”

–Nikki King, Beverly Hills, Calif.

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