Conservative Republicans conducted a straw poll at a recent meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference. Ron Paul won by 10 percent over Mitt Romney.

Then, just days later, I saw a poll which determined that if the presidential election of 2012 was held today, that President Obama and Mr. Paul were in a virtual dead heat. Not much was made of it, which I thought was strange.

Then, a day later, on CNN, Mr. Paul himself was actually on, talking about Richard Steele, the head of the Republican National Committee. Apparently, Mr. Steele is having some problems, but Mr. Paul said that he liked Mr. Steele because “at least he talks to me, which is something the Republican leadership won’t do.”

So, Mr. Paul was being flushed just like Pat Buchanan and John McCain were a few years ago after they won the New Hampshire primaries.

A misguided friend of mine recently maintained that Mr. Paul is not electable. To this, I replied: “Well, he does have the unfortunate habit of telling the truth.”

This may be why the press shuns him, but as to why the Republican Party ostracizes him is a complete mystery to me. How can they expect to win if they cut themselves off from their conservative base?

Anyway, though his “betters” may shun him, Mr. Paul continues to rise. Keep on Keepin’ On, Mr. Paul. We’ll see how it goes in 2012.

Andy Bennett, Buckfield