Lots of Irish have kissed the Blarney Stone, but Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell must have gotten kinky with it.

First, he promised billionaire CEOs on Wall Street that no Republican would vote for finance reform. Through filibuster, they were all supposedly going to prevent legislation from even being discussed. I don’t know how much money he and Senator John Cornyn collected for Republican Senate campaign races, but if it wasn’t in cash, they’ll find “stop payment” on those checks.

Once the public got news of the New York love fest, McConnell had to pirouette 180 degrees. Shades of Michael Flatley.

Now, according to McConnell, Republicans are no longer the “Party of No,” and they are no longer the “Party of Hell No.” Now McConnell is confident that Republicans can work together with the Democrats to bring about needed financial reform.

Glory be and saints be praised.

If the next malarkey out of his gob is that he favors consumer protection and rich people paying taxes, we’ll all take to the Guinness.

Tom Bulger, Avon