DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Root Cellar will be holding a free clothing distribution on Monday, May 24, for needy families.

Currently, the Root Cellar is still seeking donations of clothing and shoes for males and females of all ages (infant to adult) and sizes. Some of the Root Cellar’s biggest needs are infant clothing, children’s shoes and professional/dress clothing and shoes for adults male and female.

If you would like to donate, please contact the Root Cellar at 782-3659. — No Name via e-mail

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I often buy the half loaves of bread in the Lewiston Hannaford’s bakery department. They’re usually displayed on a round table between the bakery counter and the fresh flowers. We appreciate that they do this as well as packaging the half-pies. — Annie Dorey via e-mail

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Where oh where has our dear Dr. Donahue gone? He has been on the same page as Sun Spots for such a long time, and Sun Spots and the good doctor are my two favorites of the entire paper. Thank you for any information you may have concerning him. — No Name, Lewiston

ANSWER: Dr. Donahue hasn’t gone anywhere. He is scheduled to be in the paper every day Monday through Saturday, but occasionally the advice page has to be adjusted to make room for large advertisements.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: What stores in Maine or New Hampshire carry women’s wetsuits? So far, the few I’ve found carry only very limited selections. Thanks! — Kathy, Lewiston

ANSWER: LL Bean sells wetsuits online, so perhaps you can get them in the store as well. Sun Spots thinks your best options are online. She found several sites, including,,,,,, and more, including, which seems to sell everything.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am 83 years old, and I live at the Frye School housing development at 140 Ash St. I was wondering if you would know of anyone who would give free exercises for the elderly at places like the Frye School? We have a room to do that. I don’t know how many would come, but first I have to know if it’s possible to have someone come in. My phone number is 782-2343. Thank you. — Marie, Lewiston

ANSWER: Sun Spots doesn’t know of anyone, but perhaps someone will volunteer.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Would you be able to tell us how much was spent on the Iraq war from the start to Dec. 31, 2008? I would like to know how many millions or billions has been spent through those years. Thank you. — No Name via e-mail

ANSWER: According to, as of February, about $704 billion has been spent on the war. At it says that $600 billion was spent through 2008. These numbers are estimates. It is difficult to separate out the costs for Iraq versus Afghanistan. Also, there are additional costs not directly related to fighting the war, such as caring for wounded soldiers, many of whom will require assistance for the rest of their lives. Some experts estimate that costs of the war will exceed $1 trillion by the end of the year. Others have said they expect the eventual costs of the wars (including care of soldiers) to reach $3 trillion. All of these numbers are just estimates.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My 86-year-old father is considering having a cochlear implant done but would like to discuss the pros and cons with someone who has had the procedure performed. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to spend some time with us to answer a few questions? Please call me at 577-5948 or 336-2031. — Sue Johnson, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Auburn is looking for older model cassette tape recorders. If anyone has any they are willing to part with, please call the church at 782-1346. Please leave a number for someone to return your call. We would like to record sermons, etc. for our shut-ins. — Pastoral Care Committee

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