Wherever you are, you’re always at home.

Look for a quality-built super structure when you purchase an RV or motor home and you won’t be disappointed in the durability of your investment, said Gary Mynahan, manager at Whited Motorhome & R.V. in Auburn. “You’ll want to purchase from a manufacturer like Winnebago Industries with a proven track record in the quality of its products. Make sure that the manufacturer doesn’t cheapen the construction or options of its entry level motorhomes and RVs.”

Mynahan noted that some manufacturers will cut corners in another important area – parts for your motorhome or RV. “People who purchased a Winnebago 20 years ago can still get parts for it – a cabinet door, a water tank. But, some other manufacturers buy their parts from vendors so you may be lucky to locate parts for your older RV or motorhome.”

When vacationing in a motorhome or RV, you may find that you can drive onto your campsite, put the emergency brake on, start up the generator or hook up to an electrical source at the site, press a button and the sides of the motorhome will slide out, expanding the interior space. Because each family member may have a different expectation for their camping experience, in order to have a range of activities to please most of the family, parents with satellite television at home can hook up the box to the big screen TV in the motorhome. “Kids can bring their Xbox and play games at night or during bad weather. People can check their e-mail from a laptop, too,” noted Mynahan.

People interested in hooking up with campers who have similar interests can check out a local group called “Maine-A-Bagos,” said Mynahan. According to information supplied by Maine-A-Bagos, which is a branch of WIT – the Winnebago-Itasca Travelers group, they meet at various campgrounds throughout the summer and visit rallies in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont for “fellowship and enjoyment.” Their upcoming schedule includes Yankee Land Campground in Kennebunk from May 21 to 23. For more information about the local group or its schedule of camping events, call Ernest Ray at 998-2363.

Styles vary from RV to RV, but there is something for everyone, whether you find all the options you want in a motorhome ready to be driven off the lot or order one that meets your requirements. Mynahan noted that delivery time may take eight weeks on an ordered unit, at which time, you can drive your purchase off the lot provided you have a Class C driver’s license (the same as for driving a car). “People who thought they would be intimidated to drive a motorhome are pleasantly surprised after sitting in the driver’s seat of one. They quickly adjust to the size of what they’re driving and are soon honking the horn as they drive off the lot.”

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